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The Haven at College was created to help students struggling with mental health and substance use challenges have a successful and safe college experience. We are the leading national provider of on-campus treatment and recovery support programs based at premiere universities across the US. The Haven’s continuum of care includes IOP treatment centers, peer led recovery residences, and harm reduction programs for students who are just beginning to take a look at their substance usage. An inclusive community, The Haven welcomes all college or college-bound students who are struggling with mental health and substance use issues.

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Clinical Continuum of Care for Substance Use Disorder  Source: Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, 2016

Haven Mentoring & Monitoring

Haven Mentoring and Monitoring is an innovative, step-up and step-down program to help students take an informed look at substance use patterns. Our early-stage program emphasizes prevention and harm reduction, while our step-down program focuses on recovery management. Abstinence IS NOT required. On-campus services are covered by most insurance plans.

  • Peer Mentoring & 1-on-1 Peer Support
  • Student-led Group Support
  • Weekly 1-on-1 Counseling with a Licensed Addiction Clinician
  • Random Drug Testing
  • Family Counseling & Communication

The Haven Outpatient Centers

The Haven Outpatient Center is an inclusive, dynamic center of healing and exploration of identity that meets college students where they are. We offer a variety of evidence-based treatment programs (IOP, OP) to accommodate the diverse clinical needs of young adult college students who are dealing with mental health and substance use issues. Our outpatient services are covered by most insurance plans.

  • Individualized Clinical & Group Support
  • Peer Mentoring with College Students in Recovery
  • Case Management & Recovery Management
  • Life, Social & Time Management Skills
  • Drug Testing

The Haven Recovery Residences

The Haven Recovery Residences are peer-led, drug and alcohol-free residential communities for college students in recovery from substance use disorder. At the Haven, students share their stories, identify with mutual challenges and help each other navigate early recovery while thriving in college.

  • 24/7 Live-in Recovery Supervision & Peer Support
  • Group Accountability
  • Academic Counseling & Effective Studying Strategies
  • Random Drug Testing
  • Family Communication



* Campus includes both a Recovery Residence and an Outpatient Treatment Center

The Haven at College and all of its locations are independently owned and operated.

You Don’t Have To Be Enrolled at these Colleges To Attend The Haven

The Haven welcomes all college-bound young adults dealing with mental health and substance use issues. If you’re a visiting student, transfer student, or just thinking about college—either start of semester or mid-term—The Haven welcomes your application. Enrolled at a nearby community college or studying online? Call us! We’ll work with you to find the best fit in the fastest time. From the Recovery Residences to the Outpatient Centers to our Peer Mentoring and Monitoring Programs, The Haven at College helps struggling students get the help and support they need to thrive in their college experience.

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