Residential living for
college students in recovery

Together we can do what we can’t do apart. From this simple notion The Haven was born. The Haven Residence provides a peer-driven, clinically supervised community where recovering students help each other navigate midterms and life’s terms. At the Haven Residence, we focus on keeping it real, keeping each other safe, and getting the most from our college experience—clean and sober.

At The Haven Recovery Residences, students can have a great time and their sobriety too. As a peer-led residential community, we help each other navigate early sobriety, identifying with each other’s challenges and sharing our successes—while succeeding in college. Key benefits and components of The Haven Residence Program include:

  • 24/7 Recovery Supervision and Communication: live-in peer support and 24-hour mobile app
  • Balancing Recovery Program, Academics and Social Life: weekly one-on-one meeting with clinical addiction counselor
  • Rigorous Personal Accountability: weekly randomized drug and alcohol testing with lab analysis
  • Group Accountability: weekly house meeting facilitated by trained Haven addiction counselor
  • Community Peer Support: regular onsite recovery meetings and full calendar of optional social and recreational events
  • Individualized Recovery Program: level system that meets students exactly where they are in personal recovery
  • Engaged College Experience: integration with respective University services and resources
  • Continuum of Clinical Care: coordination with independent treatment providers



The Haven at the University of Southern California

The Haven at USC is located in the University Gateway—a modern, mixed-use student apartment complex with 24-hour security, restaurants and entertainment. Amenities include an on-site parking garage, a full gym, 24-hour concierge service, individual and group study rooms and a state-of-the-art computer lounge. Haven residents live in furnished apartments with same-sex roommates, supporting each other’s recovery while forming lifelong friendships.

“It appears to me that the students at The Haven are flourishing. Specifically, the tone of the program is open, positive, and caring. The students that make a home of The Haven quite obviously love the program. The Haven works to establish a friendly and positive presence on campus, and the result is that the Haven students can identify with the program, while still also fully identifying with the larger USC community. They provide a positive path for students with drug and alcohol problems who want to maintain sobriety. ”

--USC Administrator

The Haven at Drexel

Comfortable and convenient, The Haven at Drexel is located in a corner row house in the heart of University City, just a few blocks from campus. Haven residents share furnished bedrooms with same-sex roommates, and the house has become a hub of young adult recovery in Philadelphia.

“The Haven has helped me to reach my academic and personal potential by allowing me to stay in a safe and healthy support community, surrounded by people who consistently push each other to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. Since moving into The Haven, I have far exceeded what I believe my potential could be by achieving a 4.0 GPA my first quarter and joining the Army ROTC program----when just a short half of a year ago I was addicted to heroin and thought that my life was hopeless. I know this is just the beginning of my recovery and academic journey and I am so excited to see what I will be able to do next. But I can only achieve these things if I stay sober, and much of my support is from my peers whom I live with.”

--Former Haven Resident

The Haven at University of San Francisco

The Haven at USF is conveniently located on campus just steps away from classes. Haven residents live and grow together in a furnished house and cottage, occupying singles or doubles with same-sex roommates and supporting each other’s recovery while building lasting friendships. Social life centers around the large kitchen downstairs, where housemates take turns cooking healthy meals.

“I strongly endorse The Haven at USF. Great program! Outstanding, professional, honest and caring people. From Day One we were so impressed with the Haven staff. They were so collaborative with our family and always had our daughter’s best interest first. Their collective experience goes way beyond recovery but also into the coexisting conditions that go hand in hand with alcohol abuse. Our daughter flourished in grades and maturity with their efforts. One huge takeaway for her was learning she could go to parties and social events without drinking and have still a great time. She got added confidence in finding that she was fun and well-liked without alcohol. The Staff were there every step of the way.”

--Parent of Former Resident

The Haven at Santa Barbara

The Haven at Santa Barbara is located in a beautiful private residence in the West End of Isla Vista, steps from the Pacific ocean and a short walk or bike ride from the UCSB campus. Haven residents live in furnished bedrooms with same-sex roommates, helping each other navigate midterms and life’s terms. The house is stocked with surfboards, kayaks and bicycles for Haven residents to enjoy in their spare time.

“I credit The Haven team’s arduous, thorough, and structured approach for their success. I think also what we are thrilled about with their model, is that they understand the needs of a college student whether in recovery or not. They understand that students can be students and be in recovery at the same time. They want the student to have an engaged, active, and integrated college experience.”

--UCSB Director of the Alcohol and Drug Program

The Haven at Redlands

Comfortable and convenient, The Haven at Redlands is housed across the street from campus on the corner of University Street and College Avenue. This newly renovated, historic Craftsman-style home offers residents a large living room and expansive backyard, both perfect for social events. Haven residents share furnished bedrooms with same-sex roommates, helping each other navigate sobriety while enjoying the company of their peers.

“I don’t think it is too dramatic to say that The Haven may have saved my son’s life. Had he continued on the trajectory he was heading he certainly would have failed out of school, but equally likely he could have had another blackout that could have cost him everything. In addition, the staff at The Haven saved our sanity. They reassured us when we needed handholding, motivated us when we wanted to give up, and encouraged us when things felt hopeless. Most of all, they partnered with us for the good of our son. They asked for, and acted on, our input, yet they weren’t afraid to gently tell us when we were wrong. All of this was done while maintaining respect for us and for him.”

--Parent of Former Resident


The Haven recognizes there are many ways to attend college, and we welcome all college students in recovery. If you’re a visiting student or transfer student—either start of semester or mid-term—The Haven welcomes your application. If you’re enrolled at a nearby community college or studying online, call us! We’ll work with you to find the best fit in the fastest time. From the Recovery Residence to the Outpatient Center to our Mentoring and Monitoring Program, The Haven at College strives to help all college students in recovery, and that includes you!