Sleep More, Drink Less?

Posted September 29, 2018 No comments |Blog

Among the first health benefits that goes out the college freshman dorm window – right after “no junk food – is sleep. The excitement of new-found freedoms, the abundance of new people and activities, and (not to be forgotten) the new requirements of college classes all add up to one thing: Less sleep. In previous […]

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What Demi Lovato Can Tell Us About Staying Sober

Posted August 20, 2018 No comments |Blog

The recent news about singer Demi Lovato was, of course, extremely sad and concerning. Lovato has had a well-publicized history with substance abuse. And at first glance, it seem easy to dismiss Lovato’s tale as just another entertainment star who rode too high or too fast – or just plain didn’t realize the incredible opportunity […]

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How to Manage Back to School Stress

Posted August 14, 2018 No comments |Blog

Nearly any parent could hear themselves saying it to their college-bound kids, even before the words have left their mouths: “You’re so lucky; I wish I were going back to college!” The comments, of course, are meant to be supportive. The kids are embarking on “the four best years of their life.” Not so fast. […]

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Freshman College Drinking: Can One Drink Hurt?

Posted August 9, 2018 No comments |Blog

“Finally! After 18 years under my parents’ watchful eye, I have freedom.” As the new college year begins, that’s the thought for many freshmen. For some, it’s their first time away from home. For nearly all, it’s their first time with virtually unchecked freedom. And for all, it’s their first experience with a growing concern […]

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Aly Ries Unsung Hero Award

Posted June 12, 2018 No comments |Blog

Former Haven at Drexel employee, Aly Ries, received an “Unsung Hero” award for her work during her tenure with the Haven at last weeks Caron – Philadelphia Community Awards Breakfast. Bob Ackley, Program and Outreach Director for The Haven at Drexel said Aly’s remarkable effectiveness in supporting people with substance use disorders is rooted in […]

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