At The Haven at College, we believe that every college student in recovery from substance use issues deserves to get the most from their college experience. We are the leading national provider of on-campus addiction treatment and recovery support services, based at premier universities across the US. We offer a continuum of innovative programs—including The Haven Recovery Residences, The Haven Outpatient Centers, and The Haven Mentoring and Monitoring Programs—allowing us to meet students exactly where they are. An inclusive community, The Haven welcomes all college or college-bound students who are committed to their recovery.


Clinical Continuum of Care for Substance Use Disorder    Source: Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, 2016

Haven Mentoring & Monitoring

is an innovative, customizable harm reduction program that allows students to take a hard and informed look at their substance use patterns. This program leverages recent findings from a Harvard University study that indicate the connection between peer support and positive recovery outcomes ( Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, May 2016 ) and is designed to change unhealthy behaviors, improve student conduct, and expose students to honest accountability and healthy lifestyle choices. The key components of this program are:

  • Peer Mentoring & Support
  • Individual Counseling
  • Drug Testing
  • Group Support
  • Family Communication

The Haven Outpatient Centers

are inclusive, dynamic places of exploration and healing that meet college students where they are. We offer a variety of evidence-based treatment services to accommodate the diverse clinical needs of young adult college students who are dealing with substance use issues and co-occurring disorders. We are an In-network, Tier 1 provider for Aetna Student Health and work with other insurance providers on an out-of-network basis. Students will experience a combination of:

  • Individualized and Group Therapies Treating Addiction and Co-occurring Disorders
  • Life and Social Skills Development in Collaboration with University Resources
  • Case Management, Academic Counseling and Relapse Education
  • Study Skill Development and Time Management Strategies
  • Peer Mentoring with College Students in Recovery
  • Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga

The Haven Recovery Residences

is a peer-led residential community, where we identify with each other's challenges and help each other navigate early recovery, while succeeding in college. We demonstrate that together, we can do what we can't do apart. Key benefits and components of the Haven Residence Program include:

  • 24 Hour Recovery Supervision and Communication: live-in peer support and mobile app
  • Balance across Recovery Program, Academics and Social Life: weekly one-on-one meeting with clinical addiction counselor
  • Enhanced Personal Accountability: routine drug and alcohol testing with lab analysis
  • Group Accountability: weekly house meeting facilitated by Haven addiction counselor
  • Community Support from Peers: onsite recovery meetings and social/recreational events
  • Individualized Program: level system that meets student where they are
  • Engaged College Experience: integration with respective University services and resources
  • Consistent Continuum of Care: coordination with independent treatment providers

You Don’t Have To Be Enrolled
at these Colleges To Attend The Haven

The Haven welcomes all college-bound young adults dealing with substance use issues. If you’re a visiting student, transfer student, or just thinking about college—either start of semester or mid-term—The Haven welcomes your application. Enrolled at a nearby community college or studying online? Call us! We’ll work with you to find the best fit in the fastest time. From the Recovery Residences to the Outpatient Centers to our Peer Mentoring and Monitoring Programs, The Haven at College strives to help all college students struggling with substance misuse.

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